Vaginal Rejuvenation

Either due to the passage of time or due to genetic causes, the female genital region presents certain changes that can generate aesthetic discomfort due to an increase in the dark coloration of the area, an increase in the size of the labia minora, a decrease in the labia majora, and in the vaginal canal due to childbirth it can suffer a widening that decreases sexual satisfaction and in pathological cases generate urinary incontinence or prolapse (descent) of structures due to weakness of the pelvic floor. With this procedure that is worked externally and internally, on an outpatient basis we can return the beauty of the area itself, giving it the increase in volume lost in the labia majora, the decrease in the labia minora, improvements in the dark coloration of the area, narrowing of the vaginal canal using laser that will return the tension of the same in addition to generating greater lubrication, elimination of incontinence and the best, without disability and without ceasing to lead a completely normal life.