Career, Studies and Experience

Cirujano Corporal y facial

Dr. Cristian Solano Sanjuan

Dr. Cristian Solano Sanjuan began his academic studies in the area of ​​General Medicine and obtained his Doctor of Medicine and Surgery degree from the University of Cuenca, Ecuador.

His focus was directed towards the aesthetic area, where he can help rejuvenate all those who need it.

The title of General Surgeon and Aesthetic Plastic was obtained with studies carried out at the UVA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Within all his studies he is accompanied by a Healthy Lifestyle, maintaining a clear and harmonious vision of life, giving all the confidence and support to each of his patients.

Experience and Growth

– Residence in General Surgery at the Hospital de Sigisig Ecuador
– Residence in General Surgery at the Hhospital Nossa Senhora da Gloria (Belford Roxo – RJ brazil)
– Residency in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Hospital Nossa Senhora da Gloria (Belford Roxo – RJ Brazil)
– Rotation in Aesthetic Surgery, Considera Clinic (Niteroí – RJ Brazil)
– Rotation in Plastic Surgery, Sanatorio Otamendi and Clínica Uribiru (BsA Argentina)
– Rotation in Microsurgery, Hospital San José (Bogotá Colombia)
– Rotation in Nose Surgery, Rinofast Technique (CdM – Mexico)
– Rotation in Update in Breast Reduction, Perpetuo Socorro Hospital (Cartagena, Murcia – Spain).

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